Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bear Lake

My sister Kristalyn and I took our little munchkins to see Bear Lake for the first time! We had lots of fun and a very full car with all 3 carseats in the back seat of my car. We stopped at the scenic overlook so the boys could stretch their legs and see the whole lake... Wes keps saying "It's SOO big!" This is a picture of Krista and her two boys Wesley, 3 and Cooper, 1

There were two huge fires on the other side of the mountains accross the lake.. It was cool to watch how the smoke would change throughout the day. Can I just tell you how badly I wanted to see the actual fires?

When we finally got to the city, we stopped at a park and ate our lunches and then headed to the beach! We had to walk quite a ways down this wooden boardwalk. We were surrounded by reeds and grasses and such and these fun berries at the beginning. They were so bright and fresh I just loved them!

After the boardwalk we came out to the old water line and had to walk yet again quite a distance to actually hit the water. I couldnt believe how low the water level was! One good thing though, we had a lot of beach!!

The boys had so much fun once we hit the water! As always, Bear Lake water was cold but not so much so to deter the boys from enjoying their day. We played with seagulls, seashells and sand! Cooper liked the sand so much he kept dumping it on his head! Man was there sand everywhere you could imagine!!

Wes sure enjoyed chasing the seagulls even though he never caught one..

They were not afraid of us one bit! Some even got as close as a few feet.. I thought they were going to come steal our crackers while i was sitting next to them!

Even Parley got in the water! She is such a water bug already and she loved it! I was expecting her to get upset that it wasnt warm like bath-time but she just kicked her feet around! We had so much fun!

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